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Health And Safety

William Whyte Cargo Handlers acknowledges that Health, Safety and the protection of the environment are of prime importance to William Whyte Cargo Handlers and have equal status with other primary business objectives.  William Whyte Cargo Handlers,  being aware of its responsibilities relating to the safety, health and welfare of all employees within the organisation, requires as a matter of policy: -

(i) Acceptance of health, safety and welfare by all levels of management as one of their major responsibilities;
(ii) Maintenance of effective health, safety and welfare consultative procedures;
(iii) Systematic identification of hazards;
(iv) Maintenance of effective risk management control measures in order to eliminate personal injury and/or damage potential where possible;
(v) Individual training at all levels to secure effective personal contribution towards accident prevention;
(vi) Maintenance of annual continual improvement plan which will also ensure continuing compliance with all relevant statutes, regulations and codes of practice.

The Company believes that it is possible to conduct its operations in such a way that injury to employees and members of the general public and loss or damage to property, are kept to a minimum.  All practical steps will therefore be taken, to provide safe operating equipment and methods of work. Provide guidelines for all members of Management, Supervisors and Staff including specified levels of clearly defined tasks and areas of responsibility. These are set out in the Health, Safety and Welfare Management System.
It is the duty of all employees to exercise personal responsibility and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and to others.
Contractors are required so to conduct their activities that equipment, working conditions and methods are safe and healthy for their own and our employees as well as for other users of the premises.

In order to assist management in carrying out their responsibilities, health, safety and welfare issues will be discussed on a regular basis at all levels of the company. Although it is the responsibility of management to manage the health, safety and welfare of our activities, professional health and safety advice will be contracted in to provide support to the company. To achieve these objectives, William Whyte Cargo Handlers Ltd will ensure that the necessary financial and physical resources are made available. The Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its further development and continuing relevance to the structure and the needs of the business.

Finally, the Policy Statement, together with the organisational arrangements for its implementation is available at each of the company’s’ premises.

Lawrence Whyte, Managing Director  


Whytes provide safe and secure handling of cargo and lifting services to the Construction, Oil and Gas,Power Generation, Rail and Transport, Alternative Energies, Logistics and Port service industries, including:

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